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Section 508 Accessibility Compliance

UVS Offer complete Section 508 Accessibility Compliance Product ACAAS (Accessibility Compliance as a Service). ACAAS is FedRAMP Cloud Hosted SaaS AI & Machine learning based Automated solution.

ACaaS following 4 Modules provide complete 360º management of Section 508 Accessibility Compliance

  • Assessment
    • Service Request Portal
    • Service Request Dashboard
  • Analytics
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Compliance Maintenance & Management

This fully managed cloud solution provides full service 508 accessibility compliance processes automation include following key services.

  • Highly Secured Portal, Branded for Any Agency's Section 508 Program Office, used to submit the request, download the compliance reports.
  • Fully Automated Process to collect the Section 508 compliance accessibility Information for Website(s) and Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF) and generate an automated report to aide Subject Matter Expert Accessibility Certification process.
  • Fully Automated Process to analyze the Section 508 accessibility compliance information and generate automated bug report.
  • Analytics provides real-time key performance indicators to show the certifications trends and forecast with visual presentation in a single click.
  • Compliance Dashboard to present real-time visual presentation of Accessibility Compliance Program Status.


ACaaS provides following automated Key functions to expedite the 508-accessibility compliance process

  • Automate Information Gathering of websites, portals and documents need to be certified that include multiple accessibility tools sets used industry-wide.
  • Automated Analysis  of the gathered information against WCAG standards and develop a section 508 compliance using AI and Machine learning.
  • Automated Bug Report generation for SME’s/Users.
  • Automated Compliance Detailed Document Generation for SME’s/Users.
  • Automated  Service Request Tracking  for SME’s/Users with real-time visual presentation
  • Deep Analytics & Reporting  for Compliance Status, Planning, Forecasting & Effectiveness
  • Automated Bug Tracking including complete 360º compliance maintenance and management
  • SLA Driven Fully Managed service and support.
  • Custom Enhancement as need by client for their unique requirements.


Accessibility Compliance As A Service (ACAAS) key advantages to enhance the throughput:

  1. Process Standardization – Add significant process standardization
  2. Process Improvement – Automated process add reduce the compliance certification lifecycle and add significant process efficiencies.
  3. Accuracy – Add accuracy to the 508 Compliance Certification process by eliminating the false positives.
  4. Auditability – ACAAS Automated process functions listed above are 100% auditable.
  5. Timeliness – ACAAS automated processes reduce the SME time significantly to gather the site compliance information using various tools, prepare report and final recommendations.
  6. Eliminate Tools Dependencies – ACAAS eliminates the tool decencies and save significant cost to procure and manage multiple tools.
  7. Deep Analytics – ACAAS analytics provide the real-time compliance processes and resources and trends to plan and manage the Accessibility Compliance program effectively.
  8. Complete Compliance Management – ACAAS allow to manage the entire life cycle at one place.

Helpdesk Automation

UVS provide complete process driven solution to automate the helpdesk using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Machine learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation(RPA). Our solution allows the no touch resolution and enhance the Helpdesk efficiency manifolds. Following are the key functions

  1. Automated Helpdesk Triaging using machine learning
  2. Active Directory Password reset. Support email Phone, Chat and many other channels
  3. Fully Integrated with Helpdesk Ticketing systems


Following are the key benefits:

  1. Significant Improve customer experience
  2. Immediate Efficiency Improvement of Helpdesk
  3. No Touch ticket resolution
  4. Complete Auditability
  5. Improve SLA’s
  6. Reduce Cost

NOC & SOC Automation

UVS provides fully automated solution for Network operation and Security Operation center. Our Solution is process driven and utilizes the emerging technology ( AI, ML and RPA ) along with UVS unique implementation and fully managed service support to implement quickly and provide immediate return on investment.


Following are the key features:

  1. Automated Monitoring of Applications
  2. Automated Ticket Creating for any outage and calling On-Call engineer Automatically
  3. Fully Integrated with IT Change Management and Release Management System
  4. Automated Monitoring of Application Access Management
  5. No Touch Resolution
  6. Integration with SolarWinds Application for Automated Security Monitoring.

AI Chatbot

UVS offer Artificial Intelligence Chatbot to deploy on Website or Portal to enhance customer and employee’s satisfaction. Our chatbot support Omnichannel and easy to integrate with multiple knowledge bases, ERP and any API based subsystem to retrieve the required information


Following are the key features:

  1. One Enterprise Chat Bot serves for all Applications, Internal and External users
  2. Easily Customizable and branded for the Client requirements
  3. Accurate Responses
  4. Easy to integrate with ERP, Student Information System and any Subsystem
  5. Fully Integrated with Helpdesk System
  6. Can be integrated with multiple channels

Enterprise Portal

UVS Portal solution is the single-entry point for All users and deliver Engaging Content and Digital Experiences. Portal is easy to configure, brand and quickly deploy. It can be hosted on UVS FedRAMP HIGH Platform or on premise.

We provide fully managed development and support services. 


Following are the key features:

  1. Easy to customize and deploy
  2. Easy to use Content Management Editor
  3. Out of Box Personalization
  4. Built in Digital Commerce Module
  5. Deep Analytics & Optimization features
  6. Headless CMS , easy to integrate and deploy across the platforms

EVV Solution

UVS offers a fully automated Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution for Home-Care Providers and hospitals. Our solution excels in identifying missing or incomplete shifts, and promptly notifying the relevant parties through voice or text notifications with multilingual functionality, urging them to provide the necessary details to ensure accurate billing and full audit controls as per state requirements.


Following are the key features:

  1. Cloud hosted fully secure ,scalable and configurable.
  2. Reduce the wait time of the users to complete the shift details.
  3. Reduce the manual follow up time for user by 90%.
  4. Provide accurate responses in multiple languages.
  5. Scalable solutions to handle very large amount of calls / texts at the same time.
  6. Quick deployment using our proven methodology.