Our Policies

Quality Policy

At UVS we strive for continuous improvement of our quality management process. We believe that our programs, supported by our Business Model and our Code of Ethics, will ensure the continual delivery of high quality products and services to our clients, which in turn will add value for our clients.

In addition, our Quality Management System gives the company and its clients the confidence that the provision of services and products will be delivered consistently to predetermined high standards worldwide. This goal will be achieved by enhancing awareness and continual development of our Quality Management System for the whole value chain within our organization.

Our Principles

  • Mutually agreed customer requirements can always be met
  • Company efficiency relies on individual competencies, employee commitment and continuous training
  • All processes are described concisely, continuously improved and streamlined

Our Commitments

  • Continuously meet customer requirements
  • Reinforcing technology capabilities through training and supporting our employees
  • Continuously monitoring our progress, identifying and closing gaps through Key Performance Indicators
  • Improve operational efficiency through LEAN principles
  • Ensuring sustainable progress through internal and external audits

Security Policy

While others may view security as an afterthought, at UVS InfoTech we strive on it being at every part of business. Our processes are surrounded by security guidelines and procedures. With our support at various federal agencies and business partners we have adopted array of compliance and reporting features to ensure our services are at par with guidelines provided to ensure Personally Identified Information (PII). UVS team is trained in how to support critical applications, exchange sensitive data, and enforce authorization requirements.

UVS will ensure security is built in every aspect of our development processes from planning, designing, developing, testing, deploying to operations and maintenance. UVS will ensure information security practices and guidelines are followed in accordance with both the UVS State Of Applicability (SOA) document / Information Management Security System (ISMS) Policies and Federal / State Security Compliance Regulations. To achieve these standards:

  • UVS will formulate and implement information security objectives and monitor performance against these objectives.
  • Closely adhere to information security compliance requirements, guidelines and processes and adhere to a high standard of competence, professionalism and integrity for all information security related activities.