UVS offer public and private fully managed blockchain platform and solutions for Public sector, SLED and Commercial sector. Our experienced Blockchain Specialist guide you to assess, identify, plan and execute the Blockchain solution.

Private and Public 

Private and Public Blockchain

we offer Private Blockchain as a service as well as public blockchain fully managed services. We guide from POC to full-fledged scalable working solution. without the need any in-house experience and expertise.

Distributed Ledge 

Distributed Ledge Technology

We offer fully managed Hyperledger platform, which is capable to run Distributed Ledger Solution with high degrees of confidentiality, resiliency, flexibility, and scalability.

Smart Contract 

Smart Contract Automation

Smart contracts define and automate your business logic through blockchain, manage, control based on your organization defined endorsement policies. We offer end to end support including platform.

Record Management

Record Management

We provide secure solutions for managing enterprise records, ensuring privacy, confidentiality, and access on a need-to-know basis for employee, customer, student, and patient records using blockchain technology.

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