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Microsoft Certified – SharePoint Managed Services Experts:

Organizations that achieve maximum business value from their deployments view SharePoint as an ongoing improvement opportunity, rather than a closed-end project. They recognize that as a business develops, expanding the functionality of SharePoint will provide additional support for their new goals.

When it comes to ongoing SharePoint administration and governance, it is often the case that this job falls in the lap of the SharePoint Administrator along with many other roles and responsibilities ranging from patch application and database backups to production monitoring. And when the SharePoint Admin is tasked with other business priorities, the true care and feeding necessary to ensure value recognition from SharePoint deployment over the long term is often shelved or even ignored.

Organizations leverage UVS to join their team to ensure that their Sharepoint application is managed adequately. Our services include:

  • Implementing a plan for governance and site lifecycle management
  • Monitoring the plan to ensure archival of expired or inactive sites, audit security and permissions on sensitive sites, ensure appropriate use of taxonomy, etc.
  • Proactively meeting with the business users and mapping their needs to SharePoint capabilities
  • Helping the business set up sites that address their collaboration, information management and process automation needs
  • Providing training to department and business function site owners so that they utilize SharePoint according to best practices and in compliance with the organization’s SharePoint governance plan

UVS’ SharePoint Managed Services offering is tailored to the needs of your organization and can include some or all of the services highlighted above. We offer many costing models that can be tailored to each specific need.

UVS has a state of the art facility at its corporate headquarters in Laurel, MD and we do not offshore any of our managed service operations.

Please contact us to discuss your SharePoint Managed Services needs and to obtain a quote on how best to accomplish your goals.

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