Security breaches and cyber attacks cost businesses billions in lost revenue and recovery costs every year. New techniques emerge constantly—today’s defense mechanisms won’t prevent tomorrow’s attacks.

IT faces intense pressure to address the threats while also meeting compliance requirements. Taking on the challenge to ensure security and protect information requires investments in advanced technologies. IT must also allocate multiple resources to manage several critical tasks.

Few enterprises possess the resources to meet these challenges. With future attacks brandishing new capabilities, the challenges will only intensify.

UVS offers you Cyber Resiliency, a peace of mind, that our proven and tested Cyber Security Solutions group will discover, neutralize, repair and defend your network with an integrated, multi-layer approach.

UVS’ Cyber Security Solutions group has earned a reputation for being the go-to team for technical expertise in security architecture analysis, cryptography, digital forensics, and ethical hacking.

Our broad range of cyber security capabilities includes Information Assurance engineers with white hat hacking skills and cyber attack mentality.  UVS’ background in all aspects of cyber warfare and security gives us an edge in tackling issues such as network defense, incident response, and zero-day attacks.

Our goal Defend your Business, Government and Personal Information Assets through:

  • Defining new technologies and deterrent strategies to protect the nation’s infrastructure.
  • Establishing the front lines of defense capabilities to manage the federal enterprise network.
  • Defending against a full spectrum of cyber threats.
  • Developing tools to enable information assurance.
  • Shaping the future environment through research and education

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