Over 60+ Years of Collective Experience in IT System Engineering and Information Technology

Managed Service Support

UVS provides IT managed service operations from USA based resources. We offer custom applications development, IT operation support utilizing our utility billing model which help our clients to ramp-up and down based on their business in cost effective manner.

Business Continuity

UVS IT helps protect your business by implementing a business continuity strategy that puts the necessary plan and technology in place to reduce downtime in the event a disaster strikes.

Increase Efficiency

Cloud is acknowledged as the computing architecture of the future. In just four years, techies are predicting most of businesses computing will live in the cloud. UVS can help you make the transition.


The “cloud” is more than a buzzword in marketing and IT support circles. It’s a valuable hub of shared internet tools for the business world. UVS IT can help you best of what cloud based collaboration can offer.

Improve Communication

One of the most important benefits that the cloud offers is increased collaboration. Collaboration has changed entirely as a result of the prevalence of the cloud and, as the cloud continues to shift, change and improve, business communications and collaborations will as well.

Never worry about maintenance or equipment

Maintenance breakdowns in manufacturing costs time, work hours, and resources. UVS IT can help reduce those unexpected, and unnecessary losses.

Secure Critical Files

An important feature for most businesses is the type of security offered. Many Cloud storage providers invest millions in safeguarding their hardware, software, in-transit data, and stored data from intrusion by bad actors/hackers. UVS IT can assist in tuning the security features of your cloud instance.